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Dear Colleague, Welcome to work!

Recruitment agency - We help people finding jobs in Iceland! 

First of all, we at welcome you to our website! is a powerful recruitment agency in Iceland. We are highly connected with interdisciplinary companies and institutions throughout the different industry and service sectors. Our purpose is to help the right persons finding the right jobs at the right companies!

We are ready to help you find the right job if you are ready to move to Iceland for either a long or short-term period. There are many opportunities, and our goal is always to partner the right company and the right workers so that both can blossom.


Are you seeking new adventures?

Are you ready for a change!

Are you ready for Iceland?

 People and company connection

Step 1

Filling the registration form

We at Kollegi have prepared a registration form that all job seekers need to fill. In this application we collect information such as, former job experience, education, interest etc so we can start looking for the right job fitting your needs and wants.   

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Step 2

Search for companies looking to hire someone with your skillset.

Kollegi starts looking into the Icelandic company market to see if there are any job openings for someone with your talents and experience

Step 3

Presenting your information with Icelandic companies sends information about interesting applicants to companies that are looking for staff. The companies examine the applicants and make decision on employment.  

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Step 4


If an agreement is reached on employment between a company and the job seeker, Kollegi will start making preparations with the job seeker on the next steps. Kollegi will furthermore assist the job seeker with registration into Iceland.  

Examples of jobs often available!
  • Car mechanics 

  • Truck drivers

  • Bus drivers

  • Chefs

  • Cleaning technicians

  • Hotel staff

  • Tour guides

  • Machinery operators

  • Truck and bus mechanics

  • Fish processing workers

  • Welders

  • Warehouse staff

  • Construction workers

  • Carpenters

  • Pipers

  • Masons

  • House painters

  • Car painters



Thanks for contacting, a customer service representative will answer your inquiry soon!

Hafa samband
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