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Recruitment services - Iceland

Kollegi - Recruitment tips

It is good to think keep a few things in mind

Experience has shown us at Kollegi that companies and employees that are well prepared for the arrival to Iceland are most likely to reap a good employment relationship.


Residence - Fundamentals:

  • Where will the employee live?  

  • Does the employer provide an apartment / room? - For payment or included in the salary?

  • Will the employer help the employee find housing?

Getting to work:

  • Is there good transport between the employee's home and the workplace?

  • Can an employee use public transportation to get to work?

  • Can an employee get a ride with other employees?

Reception at the workplace:

  • Is there a contact person assigned to welcome a new employee?

  • What language does the contact person speak?

  • Will the contact person introduce the employee to the company and train him in the job?

  • Will the contact person assist the employee with the various issues and questions that may arise?

  • Are there any special circumstances that a new employee should know about before he / she arrives? Heat, weather, clothing


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